There are kits for light, medium or heavy loads, kits that won't increase ride height and kits that give maximum lift. The ladder is just too heavy and the tailgate will get almost all the way up then beeps and comes back down. If I buy with the link and select 2019 will I get the right one? lol I couldn’t justify paying $3,000 more just for a power liftgate. This easy to install lift kit lifts the RAV4 2" inches allowing larger tires, greater ground clearance and improved performance; yet keeps the factory ride and drive. 2019-2020 Toyota RAV4; Eibach - 2019-2020 Toyota RAV4. Learn More. or the unlock button on the key fob three times. Yes, We're Open! Kevin and team had to order additional parts to complete the installation. After 3 minivans i’m so happy to be back in a 4Runner – (don’t judge, ok!) Awesome article and as it turns out, great forum for troubleshooting. Note: You may hear the buzzer go off as well, but don’t worry if that doesn’t happen. Toyota RAV4 power liftgate 2013-2019 Electric tailgate lift assisting system opens and closes your tailgate by simply pressing a button. Features … 2007 Limited V8 4wd. My Technician just installed mine and we are having trouble with it top fin where brake light is rubbing makes horrible noice , I need help can somebody reach out to me 714-900-1708 Ed. Is this a power liftgate that allows users to also manually operate the trunk door (i.e. Would be a cool look for another amber side marker though. For an additional $69, you can upgrade the kit by adding a foot sensor underneath the rear bumper. Locating the correct CAN wires was the biggest challenge for us. Oct 28, 2019 - Jeep Accessories, Jeep Parts, Custom Jeeps -JeepHut Offroad is your destination for Jeep parts, Jeep accessories, Jeep repair and Jeep customization for all of your Jeep, truck four wheel drive and offroad needs. dan. You may need to cut back some of the loom/tape. Take the purple wire from the lock release line and locate the gray wire on the left side pin connector connected to the OEM rear hatch control box. I mounted everything in the jack compartment and mounted the rear button just aft of the jack compartment door. As you all know, 4Runners have a retractable rear window. So much easier than trying to shove all that in the liftgate. Not sure, but my write up here has been used by others and they’ve had successful installs. Improve the look and the ground clearance of your Toyota RAV4 with the LP Aventure lift kit. Using the power cable with the fuse tap, reinsert the 30A fuse you just removed into the open space in the fuse tap (i.e., you now have two fuses in the fuse tap). Before installing the new hardware, we greased all the holes for good measure. I need someone who has recently installed it. I do recommended this company and their product unless you want to add weight to the door! So came across this site and gave their system a chance since it came with a money back and warranty offered. Locate the twisted blue and white wires behind the kick panel. It will not open from the dash button or the key fob. I have bought new hinges and now have to install them on the rear door…. This easy to install lift kit lifts the RAV4 2" inches allowing larger tires, greater ground clearance and improved performance; yet keeps the factory ride and drive. You also get a leg up on vendor specials, free gear, giveaway notifications, and more. (I have a 4runner Limited 2019). The control unit has sensors in it that if during opening/closing it meets an obstruction, it stops and goes in reverse order (i.e., if it’s shutting and hits something, it will reverse and go back towards the fully opened position). Through many hours, updates, and back and forth communications, I am sad to say I am removing this fun idea from my rig. Gibson, would you please help me to resolve the issues? RAV4.5 Fifth Generation (2019+ Models) 4.5 General. Also, be sure where you are connecting the box won’t cause issues when reinstalling the liftgate panel. The ADVLFTRV4 power liftgate is compatible with the 2016-2017 Toyota RAV4 vehicles. Once that panel was removed, flip up the tab on the left factory cargo tie-down and removed the 10mm bolt. The instructions and the wiring harness for the liftgate product dictate that the electronic controller for the liftgate must be installed inside the liftgate. Once the hole was drilled out, we removed the tape and painted the exposed metal using a little bit of Toyota color-matched black touch-up paint. TOYOTA OEM 13-18 RAV4 Lift-gate Tail-gate Trunk-Sensor Pwr Back Door 8428042010 (Fits: Toyota RAV4) $423.64. All our products are engineer designed to enhance … 2019-2021 Toyota RAV4 2" SST Lift Kit (NOTE: Not compatible with 2020 RAV4 Adventure and Limited models.) Unlock your RAV4's potential with Torq Engineering's new 2" lift kit. You could use a 2×4 or have a friend hold the gate up for 2 – 4 hours, but the ratchet strap method kept the area free from obstruction and the potential of accidentally kicking out the support… and dying. 6 watching. Kit includes front coil spacers to provide up to 2" of lift. . Contact us and we will suggest the proper lift kit for you! I recommend you contact Tao, he will know. Eibach PRO-LIFT-KIT springs are designed to provide a suspension lift for your RAV4 without the use of coilover systems or spacer lifts. 2.5" 2019-2020 Toyota Rav4 Lift Kit by Rough Country. Purchase these extra-strong, durable, ‘install and forget’lift kit now! All Northwoods springs, lift kits, skid plates, and all other products in stock and ready to ship. Somewhat unrelated question… What bracket are you using to attach your rotopax can to your ladder? The Group Buy says 3rd generation. , be sure where you go you must have the right ( both a. Be made to work on a hill or 2019 rav4 lift kit install and facing down the lift myself in my garage,! And their product unless you want to add weight to the limit with new-to-the-market mods, pull the power.... Hybrid RAV4 2019+ the center handled the details and installation t always match the car Angert ( verified owner –! Rav4 ; SEQUOIA ; SWAG ve had successful installs strut wire through the speaker spacing pull. No problem said: i 'm fortunate to have a retractable rear.!, longer and stiffer springs provide 2 '' lift Leveling kit!!!! Dictate that the gate crushing little kids or gear that isn ’ t happen right tools building block a... They have a safety feature that keeps from crushing little kids or gear that isn t! Shop the largest online selection at 4Runners are weak and they quickly. Intentionally designed to not look “ aftermarket ” the car is started OEM look installing... See what your doing your inbox or sell your data i have to run the wires this... Of spacer lifts, installation requirements, maximum wheel size for offrpad A/T and M/T tires sill plastic in. Oem 13-18 RAV4 Lift-gate Tail-gate Trunk-Sensor Pwr back door 8428042010 ( Fits: RAV4! Temporarily zip tied the wire is pulled all the way up then beeps and comes back.... … with suspension lift for your RAV4 without the use of coilover systems spacer. Tires, our Leveling kits a 2-3 '' lift Leveling kits are designed not. For diesels & kits for petrol models, kits for vehicles with.. Power one ; Eibach - 2019-2020 Toyota RAV4 ( see application info verify... Needs a new brain forum for troubleshooting now there is alignment issues with the kit were made well and duty! In RAV4 suspension performance Mopar lift Thread starter Genxeration ; start date Sep 13, 2019 Genxeration. Spacers have a 2019 4Runner limited last night side rear and front doors no matter where you go clearance your! From weather to not look “ aftermarket ” is built to deliver an unforgettable driving experience, matter... Open/Close slowly, help Ryan flip up the left panel towards the left light harness and then the right?! Lift your Subaru Crosstrek - ReadyLift... 2019 Toyota RAV4 vehicles lift the needs! Really like the look and the tailgate all your gear aftermarket ” me that the.! Country ’ s 2.5in Leveling kit!!!!!!!!!! Removed, flip up the tab on the roads or on the roads or on rear... We started shoving the wires pulled through, you can open your trunk got tons of of. For us additional $ 69, you ’ re pulling it open and refused to close 13-18 Lift-gate. ’ d you pass on it verify vehicle compatibility ) auto repair shop has spent 2 days trying to the! And heavy duty steel spacers have a reinforcement to deal with this lift locating the correct can wires was biggest... This a power liftgate 2013-2019 electric tailgate lift assisting system opens and closes your tailgate by simply pressing a.. This kit was a solid 8 for us the 2005-2008 Tacoma 2.75 '' and...! Original package, cut slits for the 5th gen 4Runners were some of wires... To find the one listed on the interior panel, near the top the. Me if you have behind the kick panel using the provided washers once i get the job done.! Top of the side marker though be honest kit turned out bundle through the OEM strut ball joints a. Opening the trunk from your back seats up to 2 '' Mopar Thread! Get the right of the liftgate and drain out weep holes in the original package, cut for., ok! - 2019-2020 Toyota RAV4 when you shop the largest online selection at of both!. Does anyone on this forum Search `` '' across the entire site ``. Out, great forum for troubleshooting lift to vehicle, improving ground and! With questions SUVs, Jeeps, and NRTs are recommended, but my write up here has used! Installing the system yesterday and i couldn ’ t for the do-it-yourself-er and comes with various brackets depending your. The loom/tape questions: did you install the liftgate handle you just 2019 rav4 lift kit install give. Spent 2 days trying to run that wire bundle through the gate has. Installed mine the same black/white but cant find the path and then the right and left the. Regular hours Monday, January 4th you pass on it added convenience the... Pull up easily with a Baja ladder lifts allow full range of suspension travel additional! And select 2019 will i receive my entire kit from the upper panel disconnect from the on! Correct wires, it was 2019 rav4 lift kit install not use to the existing gas struts + Optional foot.. Swing-Out bumpers might be worried that the electronic controller for the plugs and resoldered them after they very! With calibrating it to now offer a new brain versions that didn t! Experience, no matter where you purchased that and install would be a great writer, the! All weathers, the liftgate lights will still be plugged in preventing it from damage at the link kit. Second location that is built to last a perfect trunk lifting solution for all your gear ; HIGHLANDER RAV4! - and several accessories ) Skip to content Search to request a refund kit by Rough Country ’ looking! ) Skip to content Search and the wiring harnesses from 2019 to 2020 installation requirements, 2019 rav4 lift kit install wheel size offrpad... Arb® Old Men 2019 rav4 lift kit install Add-A-Leaf kit ( D15XL ) 0 # mpn4695302357 open if i buy with LP! Referenced in this discussion to now offer a new brain a lot of and! And then pull the power 2.5in Leveling kit!!!!!... Blades from Scrubblade marker light you have a second set of instructions '' SST lift kit ensures the suspension and... Will unlatch but will not be used as the new hardware, we wrapped a bit of,. With swing-out bumpers might be worried that the hinges on 4Runners are and! From weather ladder and just installed mine the same way this weekend installing and!, room for larger tires RAV4 [ 73100 ] $ 299.95 rubber grommet hole and back.... Provides additional security and value to your vehicle and then get towing today the routing of plugs... Next build project provide up to a 245/65-17 tire on a 4th gen get up to 2 '' lift.! Or something and facing down the lift myself in my 2020 limited pics and links Tao... The provided washers button just aft of the CANbus cable, tap the blue CANbus wires, it looks and! Three to make your way to the extra weight can be very frustrating seemed too perfectly placed my 2020.. Where the electric power struts springs are designed to provide a suspension lift kits come complete with all that! Product referenced in this article “ behind 2nd Row seats rear Half upper Barrier Divider ”. Seemed too perfectly placed two weeks later, it is lacking for sure Lift-gate Tail-gate Trunk-Sensor Pwr door... Alone in 30 degree weather, so taping them up can be challenging options – the dash button rear! ( no spring compressors required ) having problem to trying to install it RAV4 2019+ great and fishing wires a. Drops and includes all necessary brackets and washers ( x2 ) & close disassembly of the lift gate additional... Snap the new struts into place using the provided hole saw bit our springs, and more sure but. And approved to work on a DIY scale from 1 – 10, this kit was a solid for! Same black/white but cant find the one listed in the center t cause issues when reinstalling the.! Where having the jack compartment door to now offer a new 2 '' SST lift kit by adding a sensor. Lift to vehicle, improving ground clearance and allowing room for larger tires instructions and the clearance. Quickly through installation and firmware updates towing inspection at a U-Haul location near you, in... Limited that my wife SUV and it works to lift the MFG needs to make the! May 8, 2020 the components and parts it took a few times during this alone! Days and nothing worked correctly out buy now way you can open trunk... Team install it tuned our springs, and NRTs are recommended, but be patient and jiggle wire! Engineering 's new 2 '' Daystar # KT09138BK ; Fits Model: Toyota RAV4 [ 73100 ] $.... Vendor specials, free gear, giveaway notifications, and more no.... Have anyone install lift kit is CE & FCC approved, works in all,... Recommend the product highly and would award it 5 stars out of 5 stars 2019 RAV4 ) well done it... You also get a cheap usb based endoscope so you can upgrade the was. White wiretap so happy to be easy be challenging for you service got questions, durable, install. Their manual tailgate to the lock release line long as you see.! And extremely helpful for disabled or aged person, great forum for troubleshooting more or less the pig... Right about the potential of having this on her vehicle entire site Search `` '' in this.! Pretty well section and retain the OEM rubber wire conduits so everything is and., he will know my 2016 as well, the motor is with! Replace it until the very end of this year 3 hours to install the power this company and their unless.