This instructable was prepared by my Environmental Science class, including Ari Harris, Kate Haliotis, Chet Donath, Caroline Veihl, and Aury Randolph. 3. It enjoys dry or average soils and full sun or partial shade. Free shipping . To achieve this, we will partner with new organizations like Communities in Schools Chicago, the Field Museum (where I was recently selected to be part of the Youth Council), and Chicago Muslims Green Team, and are creating a milkweed seed separator. The seeds will accumulate in the bottom of the container, as seen at the end of the video. Milkweeds in the genus Asclepias provide the only plant material monarch caterpillars can eat. Mark the collecting container with your name, the date, species common name, species botanical name, and the location of the collection. Sounds about time to hit the panic button, doesn’t it? And this popular plant hosts many more besides monarchs. Milkweed Purchasing. Floss was trapped on the filter while seed was deposited in the canister and easily collected. Common milkweed plants grow to about 2 to 4 feet in height, with a thin, vertical growth habit. This floss is so plentiful it was once used to fill flotation devices during World War IIwhen the supply of another material was cut off by Japan. Creating a Butterfly Garden. Larval Host Plants (by butterfly species) Second, the seeds should be separated from the floss, which normally functions in dispersal by wind. For many years the floss has been explored for other commercial uses such as mattress and pillow filling. The seed had 7.1% moisture content (MC) and 28.4% oil (dry basis, db). This is a fun and relaxing activity. Each packet contains 100+ seeds, totaling up to 600+ seeds collectively. Every week, students ask how the name Milkweed Arts came into being. Only some of the viable seeds seem ready to grow. Keep in mind that seeds have a range of soil temperatures at which they will germinate. More Information. Suck it up: In our trials we’ve found that a typical shop-vac with a cartridge filter can be very effective at cleaning milkweed seed. seed spinner, pod drying racks, seed separator, scale, shop vac. On the other hand, don't overdo it. Chemical Free Milkweed Plants and Seeds from Wisconsin. The seeds break free and the comas and fruit pieces clump together since they are not dry (less fluffy mess). Longren operating seed separator