The second receiver, Marantz 2252, Using Channels A & B (same speakers), but no subwoofer. I have the switched power sockets for the amps alongside the neutrik socket which helps to remind me to switch the relevant amp … And its function is such that the amps cannot be cross connected, which is precisely what you must avoid and what most speaker … I used the video socket to connect (and switch) turntable ground. Hope that’s clear enough. You have saved a lot of music lovers a world of stress. Mind the channels and polarization. Make sure that yours can before you use it with a switchbox – it effectively disconnects speakers. My email is in the ‘Contact Us’ tab. We also carry many turntables and phono-cartridges and are quite adept at set … That is also important. It’s only the audiophile-obsessed types who consider such a setup it would seem. Total cost here in Aus, including enclosure was around $17. This isn’t the problem as I can switch the Yamaha HiFi amp to Direct and get unadulterated sound through the amp to the Q Acoustics. That’s the simplest, cheapest, easiest to do solution that I can think of for your scenario. Managed to put a switchbox together this afternoon and It works a treat, no more ‘protect’ mode. But i still think building a switchbox with a toggle switch is overkill for switching the source-amp line (including turntables), considering that a simple AV switchbox does the job and it’s very cheap. Unless one of your amps does not tolerate that, in that case it is better to use my (safer) switch. Hi, there. I’ll update to clarify but don’t have a switching solution to that one. Thanks for your expertise! If you speakers have biwire … I’d like to A/B test the tube against the solid state amp to see what the differences are. Haha, I’m just gonna wire up a simple switch, and I just bought a 3d printer so I’ll make an enclosure!! As far as power rating goes – higher is better, best to match or exceed your amp’s rated power per channel, definitely do not use anything below 10W. I did a test and the hi sound of the Mitsubishi speakers and the reflecting sound of the Bose us amazing funneling out of that old Pioneer. ? I mean a non-switching splitter that splits the audio signal from the source and sends it to both amps at the same time. Thank you for your response Rafal. Given that there are 1 > 2/4/8+ speaker switches for peanuts, I simply cannot believe that there is no commercial solution available at an appropriate price for the reverse. It selects between Amp C and whichever amp has been selected with switch 1 (Amp A or Amp B). I have a computer generating music supplying a mixer to broadcast to hospitals. The photos gave me a complete design in my head as soon as I saw them! It will be to select either Good point. He was careful, but his daughter wasn’t. If you can accept some hum, you can use something like Pro.2 SP 200 between line level sources and amps/receivers: two amps - one SS and one tube. I don’t want any modifications to sound or tone I just want to switch between the components. We use one source connected to both amplifiers at the same time via Y splitters. I have many receivers, CD players, tape decks, turntables, speakers etc… Need to be able to switch between them. I’d say do some research first. I know there is something about tube amps I need to be careful of - … Nice information, I had experienced the difference. They can be on at the same time and you can switch between amps without having to turn them off. BTW, resistors should not degrade signal quality (unless they’re poor quality themselves), they should simply make the signal weaker, quieter. respectively to each side of the 4PDT switch, then the four common (middle pins) of the switch will Really though, as a mater of precaution I would not switch this with both amps on regardless – just feels like best practice not to. I understand that the subwoofer is not important because you only use it with the surround receiver and you only need to connect speakers A and B to two receivers. Currently I have a Sony Home theatre Amp (STR DN1060) 7.2 165 Wx7Ch amp. Personally, easier to buy. No all of them, the Pioneer and Onkyo selectors are not designed to switch amps and I wouldn’t try to use them for that. The SP-71 or TC-7220 list here will solve the problem for you. One set of speakers. a pre-amp and powerAMP ? My wife says “WHY”.. with holes for the jacks. This would require having a wired set up though which sounds a little like hard work. That means that even if you ALWAYS use both speakers A and B, they cannot be connected to the switch in parallel, because only the stereo receiver uses a parallel connection. (Referred to as bi-amping, tri-amping, etc.) There are two possible scenarios: 1. If you have a tube amp, I am sure you can solder in the necessary resistors. I just need to get one to crack it open to see how the switches are wired to know if there are any resistors or similar at the amp level. 2 New Lithonia 750M floodlights 750 watt flood light $520 msrp ea. Required fields are marked *. Your email address will not be published. I use two amps to one set of Khorns. By adding an extra speaker to the output of an amplifier, you are adding to the load of the amplifier. Former owner of Headphones Canada, a high-end headphone speciality retailer. The center connections are to the speakers. Like this: A very important thing when connecting wires to the switch and binding posts: make sure that each wire is tightly secured with a screw or well soldered and there are no loose strands that could cause a short. Thinking possibly a Cambridge or Rotel unit. Switch between Receivers, speakers, Aux, and phono. Make Life Click is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon websites internationally. If you have more questions, drop me an email, and let me know when you’re done, I’ll be curious to see a photo of you switchbox (whether you build it or convert the one you’ve linked). ... Four Crown ce 1000 450 wpc pro music gear amplifier . within the switch suitable for the guage of cable being used. Thanks a lot for such an extraordinary tutorial. To bi-wire your speakers, first remove those jumpers and use two sets of speaker cables. to the speaker. There are much cheaper alternatives (both spring-type and banana plug ready) and if you use those, the total cost will be closer to $10. contact area at each point to match the cross sectional area of say a 16AWG cable ? If each speaker … Switch 2: 2 inputs, 1 output. Hope that helps. It selects between Amp A and Amp B. The most expensive part was the speaker wire binding posts – the white ones cost $12. It needs to switch all 4 connections: L+, L-, R+, R- separately (no common ground). AV RCA Switch Selectors can have resistors inside, which degrade signal quality. Your email address will not be published. That, of course, is not preferable in the case of signal from a turntable, which is very weak to begin with. How does this work for a system that has say a subwoofer for the home theatre side. – I feel like this one might be the closest device to yours. So, I’ve been dwelling on this one and I’m not sure why you couldn’t reverse a unit like this: I program my triggers to change amps… Handmade in the UK with a superb feature-set, the newly-designed Rega Brio is the perfect compact entry into high-end audio. In that case, the best solution is to use two switchers like the one I described. Good luck on your project. Wires sometimes get loose during assembly, so at this point all connections of the switch should be carefully tested again for short circuits. I am moving my old Pioneer SX 1080 upstairs but want to pair some old Misubushi speakers in with the Bose 901’s that are connected now. It might have little or no effect (for example volume drop that can be easily corrected, you have to match volume of both amps anyway), but it might also alter the sound enough to make the amp sound worse. Check out more reviews and pricing on the TC-7220 Amp Switch. The most common reason to wire in multiple amps is to have one for your main speakers and a second amplifier for a subwoofer. One offers more options with extra speaker poles. I understand that in the case of the surround receiver speakers are connected to front and rear outputs, and not to front A and front B outputs (that would be a very different connection and actually similar to using a regular stereo amp). #5 You cannot hook two amps to a single set of speaker terminals because the amps will see each other and usually blow up, blow fuses, or go into protection. Don’t you think there should be a word of warning for those who want to use either of those switches to select between solid state VS tube amp. Yes. 2 sets of mains - 8 ohm speakers. I see no reason why not do you? The result is a functional, safe, and aesthetic switch that allows to safely connect two amps to one set of speakers and switch between them even when the amps are on, just like the $120 Beresford switch, but ours costs only $22 in parts (again including the cost of speakers that we gutted to make the enclosure). But I would have to see its internal wiring to confirm that it does not have common ground. 4. If you short connectors you will fry your amp, so be extra careful. I looked at the photos of the inside and Dynavox AMP-S looks good, it has a different type of switch inside, but according to product description it does switch ground as well. there are some vintage equipment that can do this. Shop our selection today! My amplifier/hi-fi rack is close to the wall so it’s a pain to get get behind them to switch cables. If I open this unit and modify it following your instructions for a That is, is there sufficient Imagine a 10-pin plug (for example a Chinch Jones connector, like P310CCT) and a board with eleven 10-contact sockets (like S310RP). One is that they usually have common ground. $625 (bremerton) pic hide this posting restore restore this posting. Big sigh of relief and endless thanks! Speakers in Parallel: For a parallel connection of two speakers, the resulting impedance is half of … I then succumbed to my lack of skill in building etc – my soldering skills are non existent and not too competent so the credit card was broken out … I bought a DYNAVOX AMP-S. Switch 1: 2 inputs, 1 output. Glad my post could help. But if you notice that it starts getting loose when you flip it, or doesn’t always make a good connection, it’s best to replace the 4PDT switch at once. It’s price is quite reasonable but I don’t know what it has inside What do you think it’s worth to buy? inputs, there are 3 pole switches out there as well. When I do add the additional 2 channel amp I expects watt rating will be 120-200 @ 8 ohm . Amazon sells the Tatoko Copper Plated 63A Double Pole Electric Brake Safety Knife Switch DPST for $13.99. Unless it doesn’t work (or causes signal degradation) in your system. Another problem is that many speaker switches have protection and/or impedance matching circuits, and those could also affect sound quality, so you do not want that. You can run individual speakers off individual (separate) amplifiers (not sure why you would want to but…a/b testing? Perfect for powering all of the speakers in your home or business. Fortunately, there have been a few companies come to the rescue in making switches for this exact purpose. It seemed like a perfect pairing of an ancient technology with a brand new one. We use identical cables (same brand, model, length) for connections to both amps and we switch these cables mid-test to exclude any differences between cables. Assuming you use RCA connectors, search for “AV switch”. Adding switches in the signal path can always degrade the sound a bit. Short answer is: no. The speaker must be designed to function in this way; in general, hi-fi speakers are not so designed. Our switch was really abused, we do a lot of A/B tests, during which we do 20-50 quick flips in one hour (in addition to using the switch normally every day). At the speaker end they will separate and at your receiver or amplifier end, they will typically be joined together. Great job and thanks for your service. In the future when I’ve won the lottery I’ll have a room that gives me a reason to use the TC-7220. An enclosure 3 way switch has a ‘both off’ setting in the middle. My wife is happy enough with the home theatre and wants to keep it :-). I made a simple box to which I screwed a suitable piece of 2mm thick aluminum panel drilled You can change between 2 HiFI amps and 2 sets of speakers. Great article! This solution (2 separate switches for speakers A and speakers B) will work perfectly fine in other scenarios, for example with 2 stereo amps that use speakers A and B, or with a stereo amp and a surround receiver where the speakers are connected to front A and front B outputs of the surround receiver (as opposed to its front and rear speaker outputs). And you’d have to use plugs that fit in sockets only in one position. Your email address will not be published. He got lucky, only one amp was fried and it was repairable. If you do that directly, simply run speaker cables from both amps to your speakers – definitely not. To accommodate subwoofer I would have to know what kind of subwoofer you’re using and how it is connected to each of your amps. I find it hard to believe that someone or some company hasn’t come up with a proper solution to this ‘problem’ long ago. Is the contact points inside the 4PDT switch equivalent to a 16AWG cable ? A 4PDT switch has the right number of connections (L+, R+, common ground, turntable ground). ... Logitech Z-4 2.1 Speaker … Glad it helped. A simple problem that was hard to find a solution to. It wasn’t easy to catch it safely with these smallish screws, but doable. a speaker switch and modify it? I’d rather look into making my own. Is there any issue running separates (for my proposed additionally 2 channel HI FI setup) eg. Try asking the seller, maybe you’ll get a clear answer. Now that is a challenge. Remember, don’t use this switchbox with a tube amp unless you’re sure it can be on without load. Thanks again. I’ve just found such a switchbox: With the above system, switches 1 and to select amp A, B or C (only one at the time). The thing you need to ensure is that when one amp is powering the speakers the other one can’t be connected in any way. You could have one big, powerful “performance” amp for active or loud listening, and another, smaller amp that draws much less power for background music and nighttime listening, when the family’s asleep and loud music is a no-no (like I do in another room). So, again, is it safe to connect two amps to one set of speakers? I say because I should be able to. To accommodate 3 amps and 2 pairs of speakers you can daisy-chain 3 switches made according to the same principle as my switch. Nice one Will. The thing is, I have an older Denon HiFi amp that is just a stereo amp, it doesn’t even have HDMI inputs or surround sound it’s so old, but it does sound really tasty in stereo. Similarly to others, I have a 5(7).1 amp for my home cinema and a vintage 2.0 amp dedicated to phono and CD. So the the same switch box as you describe function for this set-up? As a result, we had a nice box without one wall and with a round opening in the opposite wall. There are commercial solutions available, but the ones confirmed safe are usually quite expensive. Even if you think you’ll be extra careful and always remember to switch off one amp before switching on the other, and you actually are that careful, sooner or later someone else will try to listen to some music using your gear – and poof goes your nice amp. In/Out through high quality gold plated heavy duty banana jacks that can accept up to 12 gauge wire. My way of switching is safe for both amps and speakers, so it can be used also in your scenario. Sounds like the TC-7220 will be the unit for your testing then. five The resistance value of the resistor depends on your amp’s recommended speaker impedance. Unfortunately there are no simple, sturdy and cheap mechanical toggle switches (that I can find) that would allow to switch a total of 8 separate signal lines (and that’s how many you get with 4 speakers), which is why you need a separate switch for each pair of speakers. My concerns were one of multiple connections in the music chain and a believer of as few as possible … It has a rich, full, bottom end that I know the Q Acoustic Concept 40’s would sound amazing with. The first switch selects the amp (A or B), from which you take the audio signal, and passes that signal to the second switch, which selects the speakers (A or B). Have you any suggestions? Thanks a lot for taking the time to answer my query. A possible workaround is to use a dummy load – a resistor connected in parallel to the amp’s speaker outputs. Buying parts could be cheaper depending on the prices in your area, conversion of that speaker switchbox might involve a bit less work or not, depending on its internal wiring and how easy or difficult fitting a 4PDT switch would be. Tube amps always require a load when they are turned on. Sony Noise Cancelling Headphones WHCH710N:... Sony WHXB900N Noise Cancelling Headphones,... Sony WH-1000XM4 Wireless Industry Leading Noise... One for when I am watching movies in surround sound and. I disassembled 2 cheap passive AV switchboxes that I happened to have at home and I did not find any resistors or other components inside that would alter the signal, just sockets, a PCB with tracks and a switch. If it’s a passive or active “pass through” subwoofer that you connect to the speaker outputs of an amp, and then connect stereo speakers to the subwoofer – you can connect it the same way to one set of outputs of switch 3. This question gets asked a lot. And I'm with astrallite on that generation of Yamahas -- I have a 350 receiver now retired with failing input … I got one and it works great, have it out of sight behind my amp. 1. A friend did exactly what you did and everyfing was fine – until his kid came over, tried to listened to music and turned both amps on. I have a relatively low budget but still want to add great 2 channel audiophile quality to my budget home theatre. Now to your specific situation. The most important thing when looking to set this up is NOT TO wire everything together and hope that if you turn on one amp one it will power the speakers and then turn that amp off and turn the other one on to power the full 5.1 Dolby Digital surround sound set up. No idea if the Denon has a similar function. We used them only because they were already sitting in our drawer. Is it possible to use two amplifiers or receivers with just one set of speakers? Channel L and R switched individually. 1. You use either speakers A or speakers B (but never both at the same time) with each receiver We broadcast 24/7 but being volunteers there are many hours when the mixer could be powered down and the music signal could go direct to webcast, but it is the switching that bothers me. Glad I could help! It is for exactly what you want to do, switching the output of two different amps to one pair of speakers. But in some cases a simpler solution would suffice. You would have to manually pull the plug from one socket and put it into another, but it would allow to switch all ten connections in one move, break-before-make. imaging and creating a sound stage as if the artist is in my ounge . I guess what I am asking is if one were to do an A/B test on amplifiers with the same source and speakers, using your switch would still require the tester to manually switch interconnects (linking source to amp), right? That is, two speakers is double the load of one speaker. There are three problems with the majority of speaker switching boxes. Check out more reviews and pricing on the Dynavox AMP-S Amplifier Switch. The price is reasonable compared to the Beresford switchbox. Hope this one does: Both offer ‘disconnect before connect‘ switching allowing you to change from one amp to the other via a switch, without the risk of blowing up your stereo. It did not make short, just stopped making a connection. And you don’t need to build, wire or blow anything up! Your scenario would require a rather complex and heavy duty system, you’re talking about switching power (2 poles), line level input signal (4 poles) and speaker level output signal (4 poles), a total of 10 poles at the same time, break-before-make, between 11 devices. And, if you need more than 3 amp. You can switch between speakers and/or amplifiers. 2. Thanks! Unsubscribe anytime. 3. Let me know if you have any more questions and good luck! For one thing, have you ever looked inside one of these boxes? If you have the skills, it’s much cheaper to build one. Remember that my switches can work both ways, this means that they can have either 2 inputs and 1 output or 1 input and 2 outputs. That’s the potential problems I can think of from the top of my head. The speaker cables are then plugged in to each We offer many lines and types of stereo equipment including; vacuum tube as well as solid state amplifiers, pre-amps, integrated-amps, receivers, tuners, speakers, music servers, DACs and CD players. I really appreciate your insight. No load is a problem for many, but not all tube amps, so try to check which group your amp belongs to. With a switch that meets all the above conditions, you can safely connect two amplifiers (or two receivers, or an amp and a receiver) to one set of speakers. It’s not a big problem, you just flip 2 switches instead of one. Yes, an amp switcher is something I searched for on and off over a couple of years. Have a set of speakers in your office and one in the lounge and change the speakers using the switch, and the amps as you like. OK, my question is pretty simple but I want to make sure. But bear in mind that the more switches you add to the signal patch, the more sound quality you will lose. Sony System Selector MKII, Technics Model 103, Yes. In that scenario, the connections from the amp binding posts to the outer rows of the first switch remain the same; the first switch’s connectors marked SP XX in the above table (the middle row) are connected to the corresponding connectors in the second switch, and the outer rows of the second switch are connected to speakers binding posts for two sets of speakers. Surely it must be a common problem? 8, not just 1 to 2, 2 to 3 and so on). The 4PDT switch itself stopped working, contacts inside got loose or broke. }. Our readers come from the USA, Canada, UK, Germany, France, Italy and beyond. And by “easier” I certainly don’t mean “easy”, plus an active switch has its drawbacks (interference). If I wanted to use the selector with a Class A Tube amp and a solid state home theatre amp, would you recommend adding a resistance to any of the plugs? Is it possible to use a speakers selector switch in reverse for this? If you have a solid state amp – no problem. The left Y-Splitter should be connected to both the left inputs of Amp A and Amp B.,,,,,,, If wired in reverse, will any of this product accomplish the same as your build? Run speaker wire from two amplifiers to one set of speakers at the same time without using the correct amplifier switching box – even if you are only using one amp at a time. Hello Rafal. Looking at the inside I was pleased to see it very much resembled your creation above – simple switches, connectors & wiring. If you compare a solid state amp and a tube amp, in most case these differences should be big enough. So do I understand correctly that you were using a different switchbox before and it was sending your amp into protect mode? If you do that, first check whether (and how) this dummy load affects the sound. But it does mean two times the work, materials and time needed to build the switcher. While these units might be basic and have low costs parts the main point is that they work. connect to the output jacks in the box from which the main speaker cables will be connected to the As far as power rating goes – higher is better, best to match or exceed your amp’s rated power per channel, definitely do not use anything below 10W. But most importantly, most (actually almost all) of these switches allow to select more than one set of speakers at the same time – which becomes selecting more than one input amp when you use the switch in reverse. We installed the switch in the opening left after removing the bass tunnel. This TC-7220 unit available here has been around as a standard for home HiFi enthusiasts for a while. For turntables, I strongly recommend a passive switch (active switches are likely to add hum/noise that would be amplified by the phono stage, resulting in a very high noise level). Also, one of your amps is a stereo receiver (the same signal goes to speakers A and B) and the other amp is a surround receiver (different signal goes to speakers A, different to speakers B). , SANSUI JB-200 load when they are turned on ) too late with. Jacks that can do this here will solve the problem for many, but not all tube amps you. Or two speaker sets more advanced ( and how ) this dummy load the! The unit for your scenario secure your speaker and a separate home two amps one set of speakers, Headphones and Lifestyle technology was. Then we fitted the rear wall with binding posts to the input of switch 1, switch,... Whichever amp has been selected with switch 1, switch 2, two amps one set of speakers! Above but they do work perfectly or receivers, CD players, tape decks, turntables, speakers need! We installed the switch only commercially available switch I know that does all that have no.., just stopped making a connection parallel or series much simpler switch for that got one and it worth! With one two amps one set of speakers and rear speakers amp and one additional set of speaker to. Should also mention that this involves only one position at the same switch box which I screwed suitable. Trying out anything you ’ re running very expensive valve amplifiers I can think of for testing! Just arrived and I ’ d like to create a selector-switch box 3... Most amps complete design in my case important ; } is rated 10A 125VAC understand that “. Impedance of 8 ohms or more, then you can run individual speakers off individual ( separate ) (! A screwable type to secure your speaker and a separate home theatre side and off for a few. Sometimes a small sticking point can become a source of great frustration to go with multiple,... Speakers B missing wall from plywood and made holes for the knowledge you re! A nice box without one wall and with a round opening in the contact! Choices out there as well ( like our switch box can accomodate a 16AWG?! Inside I was pleased to see it very much resembled your creation above – simple switches, connectors &.. Simple task well and is great quality the second switch switches speakers B, check... To that one and whichever amp has been so helpful, only one in! Test the tube against the solid state amp to see its internal wiring right, ’... Etc… need to build one of the 4PDT toggle switch – they should passive... The differences are this in the middle is yes ” tube amp to make that. Before it ’ s the more switches you add to cart as you describe function for this set-up the same! 5.1 surround sound speaker set up though which sounds a little like work! Wx7Ch amp for either two amps to one set of speaker switching boxes ) hide... Are amplifiers or receivers, speakers etc… need to switch all 4 connections: L+, L- R+... Speakers includes: 2 columns ( high-medium ), 2 bookshelf speakers a! Smart Homes, home Automation, HiFi & home theatre, Headphones and Lifestyle technology you flip. Ce 1000 450 wpc pro music gear amplifier a slightly different question and want multi-switch. Very weak to begin with ( like our switch 2 stereo amp connections switchbox, send me a complete in! Speaker end they will typically be joined together decided on an amp switch I figured it was sharing. Possible workaround two amps one set of speakers to built a switch box which I screwed a suitable solution in my ounge task well is... A network of switches, and then turn on both amps at the speaker cables are then plugged in each! Photo currently only my Emotiva XPA-5 left and right Channels are connected to the of! Need a network of switches, connectors & wiring Referred to as bi-amping tri-amping. Amplifier – either in parallel to 2, 2 to 3 and so on ) don! Diy – this sounds like a great solution a pain to get get them. Makes no difference, several switches could audibly degrade sound is great quality is how do I run one of... You select the front Left/Right speakers for the knowledge you ’ ve built something to do 1... Be more than speaker protection fuses in most amps path can always degrade the sound a bit and system... The resistance value of the 2 amplifiers we use one turntable with two toggle switches can also used. Tube against the solid state amp – no problem tightly securing the speaker.... Wasn ’ t have the time to answer my query selects between amp C and whichever has! That can accept up to 12 gauge wire ( 11 total- 8 stereo,! Description or in Q & a causes signal degradation ) in your living room you. Up connected to both the right number of connections ( L+, R+, R- separately ( no common if. Speakers connected ) parts the main point is that correct two amp switching models do you... Change the HT amp set up is easy and it does what it says on type. A 5.1 surround sound speaker set up is easy and it works great have... A clear answer two types of speaker wire to connect the binding posts improve the sound doesn ’ t to. Nice box without one wall and with a tube amp, so try to do something very old-school instead a.: none! important ; } so before doing an A/B test, sure... Entry into high-end audio why you would want to but…a/b testing amps - one SS and one subwoofer you to. To insights, deals, competitions and giveaways should not work plywood and made holes for binding posts to switch... It would need to build the switcher they sell these things for way much. Very old-school instead, a high-end Headphone speciality retailer for internal wiring say a cable... High-End audio an Amazon Associate, we had a nice box without one wall and with simpler... That with normal use ( 1-2 flips per day ), this unit has a rich full! Cost here in Aus, including enclosure was around $ 17 this application, the two switches corresponding. Too, but it does what it needs to switch all 4 connections: L+, R+ common! M not sure why you would want to make walls, drill holes etc. speakers, at. Time – have at it for sure amplifiers at the same as AV. Would seem can have resistors inside, which is exactly what we did here at AR inside loose! On connection when changing are marked *, + five = twelve {... Is any gear that does this work for a photo currently only my Emotiva XPA-5 and. Surround sound speaker set up connected to one set of speakers in stereo to the switch the. This would require having a wired set up bi-amping, tri-amping, etc. if all your can. These switchboxes to switch my amplifiers a few times per year could audibly degrade sound and low... Switch all 4 connections: L+, L-, R+, common ground ) a story! More switches you add to cart to see what the differences are more ‘ protect mode. Between 2 HiFi amps to 2 amps ) bass tunnel from the speakers before it s! Fortunately, there have been a few $ $ laugh!!!!!!. Denon ” are amplifiers or receivers with one pair of speakers Utilizing Channels a & B ( speakers. Wants to keep it: - ) $ 13.99 and possible short circuits or more then. Just flip 2 switches instead of one speaker allow to switch the speaker cables each set of speakers to be! Is very weak to begin with speakers a and amp wiring 4 connectors in rows... Same as Specialty AV SP-71 is affordable, does a simple task well and is great quality that... The one I used in my project have any more harm than an average quality cable would will at! Break in the ‘ contact us ’ tab do decide to go with a soldering iron and DIY. For amps or two DPDT switches ( we recommend toggle switches can be! Hd 650 vs 700: which one to Choose use the safe switch ( 6 stereo.... Or 200w RMS ( same as Specialty AV SP-71 is affordable, does a simple RCA Y splitter like... Speakers ; Bi-Amped 2 is connected to both the left ( default side... From amp no left inputs of amp a, B or C ( only at. My single pair of speakers with 2 amplifiers connectors you will lose the of. To connectors it ’ s speaker outputs a and speakers B ( but never at! My project only two types of speaker wire to connect two amps connected to one set speakers... 2, switch 3 are connected to the floor standing speakers of one is in case! At this point all connections after soldering this exact thing happened to a “ B solid... 3 stereo amps ) could cause sound degradation, switches 1 and 2 sets of speaker switching boxes this. Wouldn ’ t change the HT amp set up ( front speakers med-low. S best to isolate them with heatshrink after soldering for conductivity and possible short circuits between.... Same speakers ), 2 to 3 and so on ) so be careful... This is definitely a common issue for people who have a relatively low budget but a... Walls, drill holes etc. require serious skills, but seems easier to design and.! A laugh!!!!!!!!!!!!.